Hola! hoy vamos a poner a prueba un MongoDB con mil millones ( de puntos geoespaciales (latitud y longitud).

Este es uno de una serie de 3 motores de búsqueda que he querido poner a prueba (MongoDB, Solr y Elasticsearch) para ver si realmente son capaces de trabajar bien bajo una ingente cantidad de datos.

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Hello! Today we are going to test MongoDB with a thousand millions ( of geolocation points (latitude and longitude).

This is one of a series of 3 search engines (MongoDB, Solr and Elasticsearch) that I wanted to know if they are really ready to work under a huge amount of data.

These tests are a bit peculiar as I did them creating geolocation points to draw them inside the map of a project. In other words, each record is a latitude and longitude pair.

Ok, the first thing that I want to show is the testing machine: