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Who we are? is a software development company with over 11 years of experience. We like to work with open-source technologies and contribute to the development of open source communities.
We use agile development technologies and we always try to help our clients to identify their needs in a simple and close way.
We enjoy having fun with what we do, and developing projects that are customized and tailored to our clients, applying the latest technologies in a creative and innovative way.

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We love sharing what we do, we are motivated to work in community.

Both personally and as a company, the members of our team are part of and regularly collaborate on numerous open projects and entities that promote shared knowledge. It is in these environments where interesting synergies and collaborations are generated, where the ideas that motivate and determine our way of working arise.

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Coding Standards are used to improve consistent coding and increase the quality of the whole software system. In this case we need to review common standards + Drupal Coding Standards. In this post we explain how to configure the Coder Sniffer for Drupal Coding Standards with PhpStorm Integration.
By Capy
Today I'm going to share with you a plugin that I've been working the last days. I've developed responsive table plugin since there were not a simple yet useful table responsive solution for CKEditor 4.
Drupal 8 / D8
Que un hook se ejecute antes en un módulo que en el tuyo es algo que podemos modificar sin tener que recurrir a modificar registros de base de datos.
Drupal 8 / D8
Usuarios creados con código. Un ejemplo pŕactico.