The major European Drupal event took place last September in Darmstadt, Germany
19/11/2018 by admin

The event lasted one week, and during this week everyone: from software companies to digital agencies, from designers to developers, all of us could learn, discuss and share experience and knowledge with the community. It was full of different options and contents in which attendees could immerse themselves and make the most of their contents. Everyone could create their own "tailor-made agenda".

On this occasion, something that has differentiated this Drupal event from others, has been how it has diverted the focus of attention from developers and software projects as such, and how it has broadened the spectrum of audience and content.


Alvaro Hurtado -
Alvaro Hurtado,

We, as, were able to attend interesting talks on advertising and media, project management and success stories. We were even able to learn a lot about how large agencies work and how to improve our working environments and take care of our teams. Alvaro Hurtado, one of our colleagues gave one of the most successful talks by attendees of the whole event, "VUEJS and Drupal: How to build a decoupled SPA". 

And of course... from the point of view of developers the big issues during this week were mainly focused on Drupal decoupled, on how to make more user-friendly for the end customer both the frontend as well as the backend. And of course, the launch of the new version of Drupal 9 announced by the founder of Drupal, Dries Buytaert, who as in every large-scale event of Drupal gave the keynote presentation, took all the merit of the last day.

Among these numerous activities carried out during the whole week: talks, workshops, conferences... the open area for the exchange of ideas or BoF, a space that over time has become indispensable in this type of events by encouraging creativity, the development of ideas that then become projects and boosting the feeling of community in an informal way.

And as a final touch we leave here some photos of the event and of course the video of the talk of our colleague ... Can we ask for more?

Drupal 1Drupal 2

Drupal 3


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